K-Rend & Render Cleaning

A building looks so much better when the K-Rend is clean and in its original condition. The K-Rend Cleaning Service offered by UpClean will restore the original look and colour of the render. No matter how badly stained with Algae and dirt it has got, we will remove stains from render & get it looking like brand new again!


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Removing Stains from K-Rend

Due to the makeup & texture of K-rend after years of exposure to our Great British climate these surfaces can become covered in growths of algae and even moss. This can be even more so for standard render & monocouche render. These areas of algae also attract dirt and carbon deposits that over time turn a clean looking rendered building into one that looks to all intent and purpose run down and unloved.

This can reflect badly on the owner of the property & that’s why exterior algae cleaning off render is important. For Home owners if the K-Rend has become stained over time you may be tempted to paint it over and hope that a new coat of fresh paint will sort out the problem. However, this is expensive & in time the mould and algae will return blighting the look of the home once again.

For businesses, it is very important for the external of the property to look well maintained and cared for. It impresses on customers and clients so, if the building is looking dirty, it can leave a bad impression. Again, to paint it will have only limited success since, the algae and dirt will return soon enough, plus it’s also costly. So what’s the solution?

K-Rend Cleaning using the latest soft wash solutions is the best choice. Since it will tackle 2 of the problems which are,

  • cleaning up and restoring the K-Rend to it’s original finish.
  • Secondly, with the application of a biocide treatment it will seriously inhibit any regrowth for many years to come.

Before & After K-Rend Cleaning

Cleans & Restores the Colour

Our K-Rend & Render Cleaning Service will completely clean away all of the dirty, grime and algae from off the wall and have it looking like new.

Quicker & Cheaper than Painting

Our Process is both quicker and cheaper than regular painting with a masonry paint. This can involve additional costs of hiring scaffolding to access all of the render

Reduces the Chance of Regrowth

After the K-rend has been thoroughly cleaned we then treat the whole surface with a biocide. This will prevent the regrowth of algae etc for many years to come.

K-Rend Cleaning Services

UpClean offer K-Rend Cleaning and also standard Render Cleaning Services, covering most of the UK. We offer a guarantee that we are able to remove all algae and moss or lichen from off the rendered walls leaving the render completely cleaned and looking like its original colour. The transformation of the wall is always very impressive. That is why we can offer a guarantee that we will restore the renders finish to its original colour.

Staining of render comes from 2 sources in most cases, these are from algae & or carbon build up. The build-up of carbon deposits usually happens in the city, plus this is usually made worse with algae, which actually makes it easier for carbon deposits to get a hold. This is why some buildings sometimes have a green mould, or a black mould depending how much carbon has been absorbed.

UpClean has spent a lot of time and effort in developing an effective K-Rend Cleaning Service to produce outstanding results every single time regardless of how bad the stains are. The way we approach the cleaning of K-Rend and also standard render is what’s termed ‘soft washing’ rather than Pressure Washing. This is a much more gentle method of cleaning a surface than compared to using a pressure washer which when it comes to render can be a little too harsh and can cause damage to it.

Softwash – Low Pressure Render Cleaning

Soft washing is a low pressure cleaning method that uses special render cleaning chemicals. These are a bleaching chemical or detergent in assisting with the cleaning of the surface. In this case we use soft washing as a way to clean K-Rend, render & monocouche render cleaning. We also use Softwashing method for Cleaning Roof Tiles and Slates that are fragile.

Benefits of a Soft Washing K-Rend;


  • It eliminates any risk of damage to the render
  • Produces a more even Clean, no patches
  • Reduces the need for scaffolding and ladders
  • Algae & Mould are completely destroyed
  • Cleans & Disinfects at the same time

What to Expect from our Service

K-Rend Cleaning

Highly effective low impact soft cleaning method with outstanding results without damaging the render

Render Cleaning

As with K-Rend Cleaning, our Way of Cleaning standard Render produces incredible results

Biocide Treatment

Severely restricts the regrowth of mould and algae on rendered walls, leaving the render cleaner for longer

Colour Restoration

Completely restoring the original colour. You’ll be amazed at how bright and clean the render will look after we’re finished

Cost Effective

This method costs a lot less than for the render to be painted, plus will last longer due to the biocide.

100% Satisfaction

We are confident that you’ll be 100% satisfied with our outstanding results we achieve.

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