UPVC Cleaning Services

Clean & Restore tired and badly stained UPVC on your property.

We can completely restore marked, dirty and algae stained UPVC back to its original condition


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Cleaning UPVC

Even though you don’t need to paint UPVC, it still need maintenance in order for it to continue to look its best.

For it to be properly maintained, it needs to be regularly cleaned. If left uncleaned for long enough the once bright UPVC will look dull and unsightly.

Dull & dirty UPVC windows, doors or cladding can make your home look unloved and tired.

UpClean offer a complete UPVC Cleaning service that will fully restore the look of your UPVC.

Cleaning UPVC Window Frames Mould

As a UPVC cleaning company, UpClean have a team of skilled staff ready to tackle those unsightly stains.

We ave the equipment & experience so before you decide to buy new windows and doors, give us a call.

We get amazing results from our UPVC Cleaning services, so if yours is looking dirty or stained with that horrible green algae, give us a call. We clean;

Facias, Sofits and Gutters

Some properties have a lot of UPVC Fascia on them When these start to get dirty or stained they will drag the whole look and feel of the property down.

By using UpClean to carry out a Fascia, Soffits & Gutter Clean it will not only bring back to life those UPVC sections, but will bring a new look to your home.

  • Improve the appearance of the home.
  • Get rid of Stains and Algae
  • Can help resale value & curb appeal
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Telephone: 0800 433 7269     Email: info@up-clean.co.uk

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