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When K-Rend is clean and in good condition it can make a building look appealing. However, after time K-Rend can develop a build-up of algae & mould which detracts from the clean look of the exterior walls. The algae stains can be either green or black, with carbon deposits gaining a hold on the render through the algae.

Unless cleaned up it will make a property look tired, unloved & run down. UpClean offer a K-Rend Cleaning Service in Lancaster & Morecambe specifically designed to completely clean and remove all dirt, stains and algae from off the Render. This Service will get the K-Rend looking like brand new.


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Removing Stains from K-Rend

As mentioned above, K-Rend can after years of exposure to the British weather get badly stained with growths of algae, mould and sometimes moss. These areas then become magnets for dirt and grime with carbon deposits from traffic fumes adding to the stains. K-Rend isn’t alone in having this problem since standard & monocouche render suffer from the same problems. If left long enough these stains can cover most if not all of the rendered parts of a property.

As well as these stains making a property look run down, it can reflect badly on the owner of the property. So, whether you have a business property or a house that is badly stained, getting the external render cleaned and brought back to its original conditional would reflect well on the owner.

With Business properties, the external look of a building reflects in either a good or a bad way on that business. Clients or customers arriving to a business that has dirty and stained walls are going to be given a bad first impression of that business. It would be well worth the cost of K-Rend cleaning to get the external walls of the property looking clean and well maintained. First impressions last.

Cleaning V’s Painting

Another solution to dealing with stained K-Rend is to have all of the render painted over with a quality masonry paint. However, the downside to this is that it is a much more expensive solution and is unlike cleaning where sections can be cleaned. In addition, painting generally requires the whole building covering, because walls that are missed will look odd next to walls that have been freshly painted.

UpCleans K-Rend Cleaning Service in Lancaster use the latest in what’s called soft washing techniques which delivers outstanding results. This is the best solution since it tackles the problem in a 2 pronged approach

  • Completely cleaning up & restoring K-Rend back to its original condition.
  • We apply a biocide treatment to inhibit the regrowth of algae and mould for many years to come.

Before & After K-Rend Cleaning

Cleans & Restores the Colour

Our K-Rend & Render Cleaning Service will completely clean away all of the dirty, grime and algae from off the wall and have it looking like new.

Quicker & Cheaper than Painting

Our Process is both quicker and cheaper than regular painting with a masonry paint. This can involve additional costs of hiring scaffolding to access all of the render

Reduces the Chance of Regrowth

After the K-rend has been thoroughly cleaned we then treat the whole surface with a biocide. This will prevent the regrowth of algae etc for many years to come.

K-Rend Cleaning Services

UpClean provide K-Rend cleaning in Lancaster, Morecambe & Heysham. We also offer a standard render cleaning service covering the same region. Along with these services UpClean give a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This is because K-rend walls will be restored back to their original colour once we have completely removed all the algae, mould, and any stains and dirt. Due to this, UpClean are supremely confident that customers will be delighted with the results.

The stains that you see on render generally come from 2 sources, Algae/Mould and Carbon deposits that settle on the mould. Carbon comes more often than not from traffic fumes and is much more visible on buildings in cities or near busy roads. Therefor, render stained with algae looks green but, will usually turn black once exposed to traffic contaminants.

We have invested the time in developing the right K-Rend Cleaning Systems designed to remove all stains and to restore the render back to its original colour and condition. Once the K-Rend Cleaning has been carried out on a property that has badly stained render, the finished results are incredible since it is like looking at newly rendered walls.

Softwash – Low Pressure Render Cleaning Lancaster

UpClean uses the ‘Soft Washing’ approach, originally developed in the U.S and adapted and used by ourselves. It is a lot less abrasive than pressure washing which when applied to older render can result in damage. Above all, Softwashing K-Rend never results in damage and only produces amazing results.

Soft Washing K-Rend works by using a special blended solution designed to completely strip the surface of the render from all contaminants. The solution is sprayed onto the surface of the render and left for a few hours to work into it. It is then washed off leaving the K-Rend free from all mould, algae and stains, returning the render in its original condition. In addition to this a Biocide Treatment is sprayed over the K-Rend to prevent regrowth.

Benefits of a Soft Washing K-Rend;


  • It will not damage any of the render
  • Produces a more even Clean, no patches
  • Reduces the need for scaffolding and ladders
  • Algae & Mould are completely destroyed
  • Cleans & Disinfects at the same time

K-Rend Cleaning Services Lancaster – What to Expect

K-Rend Cleaning

Highly effective low impact soft cleaning method with outstanding results without damaging the render

Render Cleaning

As with K-Rend Cleaning, our Way of Cleaning standard Render produces incredible results

Biocide Treatment

Severely restricts the regrowth of mould and algae on rendered walls, & as a result leaves render cleaner for longer

Colour Restoration

Completely restoring the original colour. You’ll be amazed at how bright and clean the render will look after we’re finished

Cost Effective

This method costs a lot less than for the render to be painted, plus will last longer due to the biocide.

100% Satisfaction

We are confident that you’ll be 100% satisfied with our outstanding results we achieve.

Areas covered: Lancaster,Morecambe, Heysham, Overton, Slyne, Cockerham, Galgate, Hornby, Carnforth, Over Kellet, Bolton le sands, Halton, Caton, Glasson Dock, Bay Horse, Dolphonholme, Quernmore

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