Roof Cleaning

Having your roof cleaned can be a very cost effective way of both improving the look of your property and also it can lead to your roof lasting longer. This is because the Roof cleaning process will completely remove moss, lichen, algae. Plus, those dirty black stains will be completely removed as well.

A professionally cleaned roof will transform the look of the property it’s like night and day when you compare it to how it looked before. Red tiles that over the years of weathering have turned a dirty dark and grimy colour will, after a professional clean return to their original colour & often look like new.

Most homeowners decide to get a External Building Cleaning Company or a Specialist Roof Cleaning Company to restore the look of their roof. It is mainly down to aesthetics and how the house looks. Although, if there is a large build-up of moss on the slates or tiles in time this can cause damage and allow water to get into the property.

Moss Removal

You may ask is roof cleaning necessary? Well, one of the main benefits of roof cleaning is that it is one of the only ways to clear moss off the roof. It will also to keep it off for many years. In order for your roof to operate properly water needs to be able to run freely down it into the gutters and then into the downspouts away from the building. When moss builds up on a roof it does 3 things;

  • It acts like a sponge and retains water
  • If moss that has grown in between tiles soaks up water then freezes, it can causes cracks in tiles
  • Moss inhibits the free flowing of rain water

As a roof cleaner for moss there are a few ways in which we can demos a roof. One way is to use a pressure washer to blast away and moss and to completely clean off the tile surface bringing back its original look. The other method is to use a chemical solution that is sprayed over the whole surface of the roof to then kill of everything living on it such as moss, algae, lichen. It removes all of the stains too, leaving a roof looking like new again.

UpClean offer these two types of Roof Cleaning Services. One is the pressure washing method and another is by operating a softwash cleaning approach. The type of service we provide all depends on the condition of the roof and also what the customer prefers to have done.

Restore the Look of Your Roof

Our Cleaning Process will transform the look of an old and dirty looking roof into one that looks like new. By removing the dirt and grime and restoring the original colour and look of the tiles or slates.

Prevent Damage & Water Ingress

Having a build up of moss on a roof can in time cause damage and even allow water to penetrate the roof through cracks. By removing moss from a roof will help to prevent future damage.

Prevent Regrowth

After the roof has been cleaned it is then given a biocide treatment to help prevent the regrowth of moss, lichen and algae. This all helps with roof protection & in lengthening the life of your roof

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

So, what is soft washing a roof? Roof Cleaning using the Soft Wash cleaning process is a kind of wet and forget method & uses chemicals such as sodium hypochloride. These are used to remove the moss, algae, lichen and dirt from the roof tiles or slates without the more robust method of pressure washing. The results of soft washing a roof are as good as other methods. However, for you to see it completely clear of dirt and grime you have to wait. Because, the results appear after the chemicals have had a few weeks to work into the roof. This is when the finished look becomes more obvious.

It’s a more gentle way of cleaning tile roofs. It’s often applied to older looking roofs that could be damaged by pressure washing. Also, this method is also used in K-Rend cleaning and in cleaning other types of rendered walls very effectively. So, once the soft wash formula has done its job and has been rinsed off, a biocide is applied to the roof to prevent the growth of Moss and algae.

How Much Should Roof Cleaning Cost?

Pressure Washing Roof Tiles


Cleaning a Roof by using a pressure washer is an environmentally safe method to use. Since all that is being used in the process to remove moss, lichen, and the dirt and grime is water, H2O. It’s as close to removing moss from a roof naturally as you can get.

There are a few negative stories floating around about power washing roofs and that it can at times cause damage. However, when carried out by a professional cleaning company that is experienced, trained in this kind of work, has the right equipment and fully insured, it can be one of the best ways to get fantastic results.

Pressure washing isn’t just a good way of cleaning Patios & Driveways. It’s a great way to remove moss build-up and other unsightly growths, such as lichen and algae. Plus, it will bringing back the original look of the tile or slates. It doesn’t require any potentially dangerous chemicals to do this either. The only thing used after a clean would be a biocide to prevent the moss and algae returning for many years. Every roof is inspected before we carry out any work. So, if we feel that the roof tiles are looking very old and delicate, we would opt for a soft wash clean instead.

UpClean Roof Cleaners – What to Expect from our Service

At UpClean we know how to remove moss from roof tiles safely. We are always looking to provide a great service & a fantastic finish for our customers. Roof cleaning is one of our main services for domestic homes and we know that when dealing with domestic customers we need to be thoughtful as possible when we are on your property. Here’s what to expect:

Site Survey

Before starting any work we will carry out a full survey of the roof condition, taking pictures for the before and after comparison.

Industry Compliant

When arriving we will great you showing a copy of our insurance, proving that we are fully covered in the event any accident.

Customer Liaise

We will advise you on the amount of time it should take to complete and run through our procedures.


Ground sheeting is laid over any vulnerable plants (if applying soft wash solution).

Blockage Prevention

Down Spouts are temporarily blocked to prevent the runoff blocking the drains

First Stage - Roof Cleaning

This is where we remove lichen from the roof, remove moss and roof algae removal all happens together.

Second Stage - Biocide Treatment

Once roof washing has been completed, we then spray the whole roof with a powerful biocide treatment to prevent regrowth of any algae or moss etc.

Third Stage - Clean up

The entire area is then cleaned up, including the gutters, and waste material is either composted or taken away.

Satisfied Customer

Finally, pictures are taken of the finished results, and customer signs off the job only when completely happy with the results.

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