Soft Washing Services

Soft Washing is a low pressure cleaning procedure that uses a Special blend of Chemicals to gently clean stains off external surfaces


Walls, Roofs, Patios, Driveways and the like can all be cleaned using the soft wash method. We use special soft washing equipment to apply the balanced chemical and detergent mix in order to get truly spectacular results.

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Soft Wash V’s Pressure Washing

The benefit of using the soft washing method over a traditional pressure washing is that it is a lot less abrasive. The chemical clean still gets rid of all of the stains, including algae, mould, build up of dirt, moss, just without the intensity of a high pressure spray.

With certain homes, the roof tiles have been around for decades and are typically fragile. This is where the roof could benefit from a soft wash over a more intense pressure wash, as the pressure washing could cause damage to the fragile tiles. Also, pebble dash cleaning is best done using the soft wash method rather than pressure washing.

What Can Soft Wash Clean

Due to the gentle nature of soft washing the method can be adopted to tackle most external building cleans. Where pressure washing will fall down, such as with it being of a high intensity, softwashing is able to thoroughly clean more fragile or delicate surfaces.

It’s an ideal method to gently remove algae & green mould from outside walls, roofs and other external surfaces. With these methods, detergents, cleaners & Sodium Hypochloride means the solution will clean through even stubborn dirt and grime. What we clean

Is Soft Washing Safe?

Yes! Simply put, if handled by professionals that have experience and training in the use and application of the soft wash solutions, then it’s perfectly safe!

The problem comes when armatures and DIYers try to apply these chemicals without any training or the correct clothing and equipment.

As with most cleaning solutions, when handled correctly work incredibly well in doing their job. Plus, they are extremely safe to use by professionals such as UpClean.

Our Soft Wash Cleaning Services

Soft Washing K-Rend

Outstanding results in cleaning and restoring K-Rend

Soft Washing Roof Tiles

Ideal for the gentle yet effective cleaning of Roof tiles or slates that are old or look fragile.

Softwash Cleaning of Render

As with K-Rend, we get fantastic results from cleaning standard render with the softwash method.

Patio & Driveways

This way of cleaning is a quieter method to cleaning all types of driveways or patios

Softwashing UPVC

When UPVC gets dirty, stained and green with Algae, softwashing gets brilliant results.

Cleaning Cladding

Softwashing works incredibly well with most types of cladding material

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