Patio Cleaning

Complete Clean, Restoration & Treatment of Patios, Driveways, Decking & Paving around your home or business. Quick and Effective Cleaning of Stone, Brick, Concrete, Block Paving, Cobbles & Tarmac.


Incredible results that last thanks to post cleaning treatment of a biocide to help prevent the regrowth of lichen, algae & mould.


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Patio Cleaning Services

Patios come in all sizes and types, with differing stone finishes. They are practical and help to make a garden look good. In time though after a few years of weathering, they can start to look tired and unloved.

With a build up of lichen, moss, algae plus general dirt and grime, a once beautiful patio can start to look a bit of an eyesore. The surface of the patio can become dangerous to walk on because of its slippery & slimey coating of algae.

So it’s important to get a service that provides moss, algae & lichen removal from patios, followed by a biocide treatment to prevent regrowth

Our Patio Cleaning Service will thoroughly clean the patio of all dirt, grime and any stains. It will leave your patio looking like it did when it was first laid, safe to walk on, plus, restoring the original colour and look of the patio.

Driveway Cleaning

A driveway can cost a lot of money when first laid. So, it seems such a shame to see driveways looking dull and weathered after the home owner has spent such a lot of money on it.

As with Patio Cleaning, our driveway cleaning service will not only clean away all of the years of dirt & grime, but will restore the colour and original look of the driveway.

Whether you have block paving, paving stones, Indian stone, pattern in-printed concrete, tarmac, Resin bound, bonded or cobblestone, these can be completely cleaned using our pressure washing Driveway service.


  • Algae, Moss, Lichen & Dirt Cleaned away
  • Biocide Treatment to Prevent the regrowth
  • Oil Patches & Contaminants cleaned away
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • Eco Friendly

Decking Cleaning

Wooden decking comes up like new when it has been pressure washed. Pressure washing decking, patio furniture etc is a great way to clean them up. It is eco friendly, and uses zero chemicals, making it in our eyes the best option for your garden

As well as decking, we can also clean up fence panels if they have been covered by lichen and algae. The decking or wooden fence panels will need to be treated with stain or varnish afterwards.

  • Cleans away all dirt & stains.
  • No need for harmful chemicals
  • Ideal for cleaning garden furniture
  • Cleans Fence Panels

What you can Expect from us!

UpClean are Specialists in all aspects of Exterior Cleaning, that include Roof cleaning services, K-Rend cleaning Services, as well as various Soft washing and Pressure washing services


What's Included

  • Pressure Washing
  • Biocide Treatment if Required
  • Removal of Dirt & Waste

How it Works

  • Dirt Layer is Blasted Off
  • Area is completely cleaned.
  • Biocide Prevents Regrowth

What's to Expect

  • Guaranteed Results
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • 100% Satisfaction

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