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What is Soft Washing?

Soft Washing uses either Sodium Hypochloride or a more eco friendly chemical such as an acid based chemical to remove all contaminants on the surface.

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Is Pressure Washing Better than Soft Washing?

It all depends on whats being cleaned and the immediate environment. Pressure washing is much more intense way of cleaning, yet it is environmentally friendly because it only uses water to do the cleaning.

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My Roof Looks Fragile, can it still be Cleaned?

Yes, absolutely. In fact the sooner the better. When cleaning fragile roof tiles, we would always choose to use the soft washing method . By removing all of the algae, lichen and moss you help the roof to operate normally plus it will stop anymore acid from being release from these microbes.

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Are you Insured?

Yes, We are fully insured against any damage or injury caused as a result of our cleaning process. We also work well within the Health & Safety guidelines for our industry

Can the Dark Stains on Render be Removed?

The dark and sometimes green stains on render and K-Rend is mould or algae or both. Once they get a hold they can turn a nasty dark grey or black colour. Our Softwashing completely removes these stains bringing back the original colour of the render. Read more….

How do I get a quote?

Either call us or email us to request a quote. We will then arrange either a quote over the phone based on the job or request a site visit to give you a bespoke quote.

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