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Roof Cleaning is a great way of improving the look of your house. If you have roof tiles or slates that are covered in moss, algae or lichen it can detract from the look of the property. Our Roof Cleaning service in Lytham St.Annes will completely remove all of the dirt, grime, moss, algae and stains.


Whether you have slates or tiles we have the expertise and experience to restore the roof back to the original colour. By removing moss off the roof along with other contaminants it can aid to the longevity of a roof since moss and lichen and algae can secrete acid that can over time erode away slates and tiles.


However, most people decide to employ a specialist roof cleaning company to clean and restore the original look of the roof because of aesthetics. Restoring the colour of a roof tile or slate and removing all of the dirt and stains can make a huge improvement to how a house looks.


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Moss Removal

Is roof cleaning necessary, does it matter if it is done or not? By removing moss from a roof along with other debris such as algae and lichen it will allow the roof to function properly. This is because rain water will be able to run off the roof into the gutters through to the downspouts and away from the building. When moss builds up on a roof it does 3 things;

  • It acts like a sponge and retains water
  • When moss grows in between tiles & soaks up water then freezes, it will expand causing cracks in tiles
  • Moss hinders rain water flowing freely off the roof

As a roof cleaner for moss we have developed a few different methods to demos a roof safely and effectively. One of the methods is by pressure washing a roof using a high pressure water jet to blast away and completely clear all moss and debris off the roof. An alternative method we use is by soft washing roof tiles and slates. By using a special chemical solution that kills and cleans away moss, algae, lichen, dirt and stains the same as with a pressure washer.

UpClean provide both of these kinds of Roof Cleaning Services for Lytham St.Annes. What can decide which version we use depends greatly on the state and condition of the roof slates/tiles. For more fragile roofs we will opt for softwashing.

Restore the Look of Your Roof

The Cleaning Process will transform the look of an old and dirty looking roof into one that looks like new. By removing the dirt and grime it will restore the original colour and look of the tiles or slates.

Prevent Damage & Water Ingress

Having a build up of moss on a roof can in time cause damage and even allow water to penetrate the roof through cracks. Therefor by removing moss from a roof will help to prevent future damage.

Prevent Regrowth

In addition to being cleaned, the roof is given a biocide treatment. This is to help prevent the regrowth of moss, lichen and algae. By doing this it helps with roof protection & in lengthening the life of your roof

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

Soft washing a roof is a type of roof cleaning that uses a ‘wet & forget’ kind of approach. So, what’s the process? Firstly, a special balance of chemicals using sodium hypo-chloride as its main one to kill off moss, algae, lichen and all contaminants. The results are amazing, & all without having to use a more robust pressure washing method. The best results are usually visible after a few weeks. This is because the chemicals have had longer to work on the surface of the roof to completely restore the original colour and look of the roof.

Secondly, once the soft wash solution has been used and rinsed off, we then apply a biocide. We cover the whole surface of the roof tiles or slates with the biocide treatment in order to prevent regrowth of lichen and algae. By doing this we make sure the roof cleaning we carry out last many years before it needs to be looked at again. It is an ideal way of cleaning and restoring older roofs and certainly the way to go when cleaning more fragile roofs.

How Much Should Roof Cleaning Cost?

Pressure Washing Roof Tiles


Pressure washing a roof in order to clean it is an environmentally safe way to go. This is because it’s a much more natural method to use. This is due to the fact that all that’s being used to remove moss, algae, lichen and stains is water.


Roof cleaning by a professional company using a pressure washer produces truly amazing results. However, it is important to note that it does need to be carried out by an experienced and fully trained specialist rather than someone giving it a go.


As well as being ideal for patios it is a great way to remove build-up of algae, moss and lichen from roof tiles whilst restoring them back to their original colour. One benefit is that it doesn’t require any chemicals. Apart from the post wash treatment of biocide to prevent the regrowth of moss, lichen and algae, it is chemical free.  The difference from before to after we have cleaned the roof is like night and day, it is absolutely amazing.


Before we begin any Roof Cleaning in Lytham St.Annes we carry out a full survey and inspect the roof s suitability to being washed with the high powered pressure washer. Therefor, any that are not looking in the best condition would be cleaned using the soft wash method instead.

UpClean Roof Cleaners Lytham St.Annes – What to Expect from our Service

At UpClean we know how to remove moss from roof tiles safely. We are always looking to provide a great service & a fantastic finish for our customers. Therefor, since Roof cleaning is one of our main services for domestic homes we know we need to be as thoughtful as possible when working on your property. Here’s what to expect:

Site Survey

Before starting any work we will carry out a full survey of the roof condition, taking pictures for the before and after comparison.

Industry Compliant

When arriving we will have with us a copy of our insurance. This is to prove that we are fully covered in the event any accident.

Customer Liaise

We will advise you on the amount of time it should take to complete and run through our procedures.


Ground sheeting is laid over any vulnerable plants (if applying soft wash solution).

Blockage Prevention

Down Spouts are temporarily blocked to prevent the runoff blocking the drains

First Stage - Roof Cleaning

Firstly, we remove lichen from the roof, remove moss and roof algae removal all happens together.

Second Stage - Biocide Treatment

Secondly, we spray the whole roof with a powerful biocide treatment. This is done to prevent regrowth of any algae or moss etc.

Third Stage - Clean up

Thirdly, the entire area is then cleaned up, including the gutters, and waste material is either composted or taken away.

Satisfied Customer

Finally, pictures are taken of the finished results, and customer signs off the job only when completely happy with the results.

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